Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Batman at EWG

This eve, Bob  brought out his Super Hero figures in homage to Adam West. We used the Pulp Alley rules  for a classic Caped Crusader Showdown

The scenario pitted Batman with sidekicks Robin & Batgirl, as well as Inspector Gordon & his Men in Blue against the escaped Kingpins of Crime -  Penguin, The Joker, The Riddler, Harley Quinn & Catwoman as well as their flunkys.

The objective for the forces of good were to apprehend (KO) the 5 Crime bosses. Their objective was unknown to us.

The Penguin & flunky Blades  enter the table.

Batgirl, watches from a nearby rooftop & begins flinging batarangs at the Penguin.

The Joker making for a plot point. We soon discovered that the phone booths were plot points, but only for the lawless forces.

Inspector Gordon & some of his officers were tied down by Catwoman & more lackeys.

Robin engaged the Penguin, the scuffle lasted 3 turns before Robin was downed. However he recovered the next turn.

Batman was also held up by some other lackeys in the form of Blades & Sickle. He was eventually able to overcome them both.

The Riddler managed to get his plot point & then made it to the Major Plot, summoning his escape

A Helicopter, which whisked him away. The game was tied at 10VP each. Both The Penguin & Harley Quinn had been KO'd.

Thanks to Bob for bringing out his wonderful setup & for the game!


  1. Absolutely wonderful, what an amazing set up.

    1. It certainly was Michael! He has done a fantastic job creating a gritty Gotham!

  2. Great AAR. I have been thinking of trying something like this myself as I have enough of the Hero Clix figures (just need to mount them on clear bases) plus work on the buildings. Bob has done an excellent job on the terrain and buildings, thanks for sharing.