Sunday, February 4, 2018

Kings of War & Necromunda (1st)

Stephan & Jonathan hosted another games day, where numerous like minded folks gather for a day of gaming, which allows for an interesting mix..

In the morning Dave ran a Kings of War ECW Historical game loosely based on the Battle of Dunbar.

The troops are deployed.

I played on the Scottish side with Wiley & Justin. Against us were Jonathan & Chen.

The English line, led by Cromwell. The English toops had better quality Cavalry whilst the Scots infantry were generally better. We had hidden markers which had varying quality troops, some with special abilities. These were kept hidden until an ability was used or the forces engaged.

The musketry (& dice) of the Scottish were devastating & whittled down the English Cavalry before they could truly come to grips. However one Trotter unit broke through the flank & engaged an Artillery unit. Unbelievably, he failed to destroy it as snake eyes were rolled, thus dashing the hopes of the English. The Trotter unit was then decimated.

With the end of the threat from the English mounted, the Scottish surged forward with their own mounted units, to engage the foot troops as they crossed the Brox Burn stream.

During the afternoon Stephan set up his terrain for a game of Necromunda (1st ed).

We played a 4 player game, which I ran a gang of Delaque (deployed below)

Chen won the game by being the only faction not rolling for morale, & thus just had to wait for our will to break.

 Thank's guys for hosting the gaming day, as the weather was not pleasant & it made for a nice break to do the things we enjoy.

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