Monday, February 5, 2018

Mordheim Beastmen Ungors

As I continue to finish up some long forgotten projects, I came across these 2 Ungors from the Mordheim Beastmen Warband box set.

I never used the Ungors in my band which is likely why they got put aside.

These figures are fantastic however & make fine additions to a collection. All of them have little details which make them unique & outstanding.

The box set miniatures from GW are all metals & is likely long out of print.

As I alluded to the details....note the cat in the bag!

If you can find this set & for a reasonable price, I highly recommend it. My previous warband images were posted back in 2012. They can be seen here. 

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice work Terry. I must admit the beastmen ranges have always had awesome minis in. The Old metals were certainly wider and varied.

    1. Thanks Simon, I have a few other Bestigor boxes (from a GW sale) but haven't got the gamut that's available. Always like the unique figures though!