Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Pulp Alley Goes West

Last night Bruce brought out another game of Pulp Alley. This time with a western theme. The scenario had 2 brawlers that started in the centre of town. Each faction had to have a non - downed member within 6" of the brawlers (which caused a random peril each round you activated within the 6") by the 3rd turn.

As well there were white hatted cowpokes who were minor plot points & innocent bystanders which may join you when activated by one of your group.

The faction I played below

A bystander not too far off, I did manage to snag him to join my group.

The pugilists, spill into an alley....which put them farther from me.

The game was all about forcing others to fail their random, which also caused them to move out of the 6"radius. Last team with a member standing was declared the winner.

The first game went quite quickly as the players grasped the mechanics. Bruce won that round. We reset & played again & I managed to snag the win.

Certainly a different scenario. Thanks Bruce for hosting.


  1. Looks great and sounds like it is quite quick to play.

    1. It was quick. The scenario was more about sticking near the brawlers & taking the random perils while trying to make it so the other players ended a turn outside of 6". The brawlers also moved every turn.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Gobbo, yes, I really enjoy Pulp Alley. Very quick games & great for club nights