Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Shadows of Brimstone Campaign

Last night Dan brought out Shadows of Brimstone, to launch a campaign. We were light on numbers for the club members so it was just Dan & I playing. The character I chose for the campaign was the Gunslinger. He came with a pistol as starting equipment & then I got to choose a specialty card.

I also snagged a US Marshal for his Shotgun & went with Hardened Resolve to aid in healing our wounds & sanity.

Dan chose the Saloon girl & a wandering samurai.

We played the City of the Ancients scenario & were required to find a stable portal, collect 4 clues & defeat a boss monster.

As we started out

One of the actions available is scavenging. Our first scavenge was a bit more than we wanted as we got 3 successes.

We continued, the Saloon girl (who had a +2 movement due to items & ability) quickly advanced ahead

Where we were beset by a Night Fiend. Our dice started out quite horribly & it took several rounds before we could finish this guy.

2 tiles later we ran into a group of gas-mask wearing WW1 era troopers, obviously they were not from around these parts.

We successfully dealt with them & continued, only to run into a rock slide. This caused our group much grief & injury.

The stable portal is discovered! (Sorry for the poorly placed face on the magic mat)

We found ourselves in an icy world, where we discovered 2 pillars wanting to shoot frickin laser beams at us!

I suppose I should mention the Darkness track. Each turn we had to roll a number or higher to hold back the darkness. Failure made the tokens move down the track. Once the track was filled it was game over. By this stage we were getting quite close to having to make a run for it & then...

We ran into a band of Snake men, commanded by a Shaman. My Gunslinger was dropped in one round of attacks. The Saloon girl spent her action getting me back up, however I had to roll a grievous wound & managed to only get a concussion.

We did manage to beat the snake men, though it was a rough go & then decided to withdraw with what we had gained rather than attempt to push on. Dan has been doing the Town portion of the campaign at home & we are resolving any dice rolling through facebook. 

Hopefully we get a couple more curious souls to join the campaign. Thanks Dan for bringing it out!


  1. This is a new one on me Terry, but it looks like great fun.

    1. Thanks Michael, its one I also didn't get the Kickstarter on, though I bought the 2 large core boxes after the fact & a couple of the expansion sets that are available at retail. The miniatures do require putting together (they are plastic) & there are a LOT of card decks depending on what is occurring & where your at. XP is earned as you go, so if you manage to hit a milestone to gain a level, it's immediate. Also there are a lot of weird critters!

  2. I bought into the original Kickstarter and tried really hard to like this game. I kinda like it, but many in my local game group really hated the large random elements and the static combat.

    Just about everything you do is a die roll, go to the saloon - roll a die and see what happens, go to the blacksmith - roll a die and see what happens, rinse repeat. The combat also tended to bog down to a clump in the middle.

    I would love to try this again though because it sure does tell a story through the events and trials your hero goes through. High Narrative!


    1. Thanks for the comments Brent. I ride the other side & love randomness in games. Sure its more dice rolling, but isn't that what they are for? I did like the optional things on the critter cards, abilities that elite variants of them could have, etc. Also the mechanics of certain critters, shooting & charging into melee, or shooting & then moving away to keep range attacks. If one thing were to change from what little I've played is that once your in contact, you shouldn't be able to use the ranged attack & would need to knuckle bust it up. We are certainly just scratching the surface with the game thus far...will see how it goes.

  3. Looks great and sounds like a fun game Terry.

    1. Thanks Simon, there is more to this game than meets the eye!