Monday, June 11, 2018

Frostgrave - Field Research

Our campaign continued on Sunday with the 2nd scenario of the Hunt For Golem mini-campaign.

This scenario is set within one of the many gardens within Felstad. The warband's arrive to see the Golem destroying statues. Because of the magic leaking from the golem, all the statues have the potential to animate (1 in 6) each time the golem gets within 6" of them. Roll for this at the beginning of the golems phase.

This leaked magic also would allow a wizard casting control construct to animate one of them.

For this scenario, the wizards have come to study the Golem & thus are not here to destroy it. If it is destroyed, the wizards band who caused it's destruction will receive no experience whatsoever for this game.

Treasure is placed as usual (3 treasures per warband). 

Other experience can be gained one time each as follows;

10xp if a member of the wizards band comes within 10" of the golem. 
10xp if any member of the wizards band engages the golem in combat.
50xp if the wizard gets within 6" of the golem
10xp if the wizard or apprentice successfully cast a non-damaging spell on the golem.

The warbands were as follows;

My warband

Craig's warband

Scott's warband

Chen's warband

Here is the battle report...

Thus we avoided killing the golem. As the warband's returned to their bases, this is what they earned from treasures taken

Bob (Scott) - 430xp, 1 treasure - 240GC, Dagger +1Dam, Grimoire - Bone Dart
     Theodore & Spot IV killed, Todd miss game.

Innovar (Craig) - 340xp, 2 treasures - 170GC, Potions - Healing x2, Toughness;  Grimoire's - Control Undead, Illusory Soldier. Shadow III & Asan miss game.

Ludwig (Chen) - 560xp, 2 treasures - 110GC, Potions - Strength, Healing, Invulnurbility x2, Elixer of Speed; +2Dam Hand Weapon.

Eben (Me) - 510xp, 4 treasures - 387GC, Scrolls - Fast Act, Strength, Banish; Grimoires - Wizard Eye, Destructive Sphere, Beauty

Stay tuned for our next Foray into Felstad.


  1. Great stuff! A veritable zoo on the table!

    1. Thanks JP. We have a guaranteed wandering critter every creature phase. Luckily most of them appeared at Scott's (Bob's) side. We do this in part to prevent those wizards who love to hide behind & just launch Elemental Bolts across the table. Also makes the game more lively.

  2. What a great report Terry, fabulous fun and really well presented.

    1. Thanks Michael! Continuing to play around with Comic using some different fonts! One thing lacking which I may contact them about is those wonderful Batman type action stars to use for combat effects. See if they are thinking of them to add 8D

  3. Excellent post Terry - I have to confess that I'm not a fan of Frostgrave, preferring more 'open' fantasy settings, but your gamr reports are making me think again :-)

    1. Thanks Addict. We do have a few house rules to keep the fun alive. For example, we have a wandering creature every turn which arrives at one of the entry points & begins to make its way to the opposite side of the board. You may also notice there is not much 'snow or ice' Our version of Felstad has thawed 8D.

  4. Cracking report Terry. The Warbands all look great as well.

    1. Thanks Simon. I personally like the other bands a bit more bloodied myself 8D.