Friday, August 9, 2019

Frostgrave - Nullmen, Werewolf & some pretty thematic Terrain arrives!

As I prepare for our next campaign game this Sunday, I managed to get ahead of one of the upcoming scenarios, with the completion of some Null men.

These are some of those figures which were never made & thus some proxies were needed. While observing the facebook site, I noticed someone mention using the Doppleganger figures from Nolzur's line.

I also noticed these ones called Blights which I thought could work as well.
Now reading through the scenario, there wasn't a lot of info on colouring except to say, that there was a grey glow emanating from them. Below is my results.

 If I was to get more, i think I would just go with the Dopplegangers.

I also finished up a Reaper Bones Werewolf to add to the critter horde.

Lastly for this post, one of the Kickstarters I supported had arrived. The Gardbuk Shrine by Studio Level. 

All of these pieces came painted & ready to go right out of the box. They were seriously wrapped in plastic wrap to ensure nothing was bouncing around.

The set has 4 ruins. 

A small mousepad playmat.

And several rocky outcrops with some trees (provided) which can be added. They have pre-drilled holes, however they need to be made a little larger to fit the trunks.

The terrain is covered with patches of snow & I find they did a really great job with the scree & rubble

Not normally one to go in for 'seasonal' terrain, I am quite happy with this one. 
If there was one thing I would change, it would be to 'not' use the small vegetation bits & just leave it rocky. If those who wanted to add that type of stuff, they could easily do it after the fact. 

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Lots to enjoy here Terry! The new terrain pieces really do look great.

    1. Thanks Michael, the terrain is really light as just need to find a place to set it until needed 8D.

  2. One of the best-looking werewolves I've seen, absolutely stunning brush-work imho.