Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Bob's Halloween Themed Game

Tonight was our last club night of October, so Bob brought out a game using the Tribal rules & a Halloween Theme...sort of...  

There were spirits, Ghost Busters, Monsters & Arkham Asylum.

The game had 4 players. Batman, Penguin, Ghost Busters & Arkham Asylum. There were also some cultists attempting to summon monsters. They would continue to do so until removed.

In the centre sat Arkham Asylum. The Gates closed & groups of Assistants prowling the grounds.

We chose our factions. I took Batman, who also had a gang of shooter cops, Black Lightning & Katana. Black Lightning & the cops are heading for the cultists in the cemetary.

We had some monsters arrive on the first turn. Below, some of the guardians of Arkham meet with a rather tall fellow...he was not very nice.

Black Lightning spent the game dealing with numerous waves of summoned spirits.


Batman & Katana move to engage Dr Charlie Brown.

Alas, the caped crusader was not up to the task this eve. He did engage the Penguin, pummeling him down to just 1 hit point. Then Charlie Brown closed with Batman & took him out. 

Nice little game, with fairly simple mechanics..hardest part being to remember your abilities & what the different suits of the cards provide.

Thanks Bob for bringing it out!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael, the rules are a bit quirky & just as in rolling dice, the cards are not always your friend!

  2. Great looking game and it must have been a hoot to play.

    1. Thanks Zabadak, it's an interesting simple set of rules with a few quirky bits to wrap your head around...& just remember!

  3. What a fantastic looking game Terry! Ghostbusters, Batman, even Charlie Brown, brilliant 😃

    1. Thanks Ivor, Bob put the game on! I just got to play in this one!

  4. This looks great! What a fun game to get involved with.