Sunday, October 6, 2019

Zomtober - Week 1 - The Flailing Zombie

A very pathetic start to my Zomtober, however I needed a zombie that differed from the others I use for my Frostgrave Warband.

So here I found an old Citadel Lost Tribes metal miniature aptly called, FTZ-2 Zombie Attacking.

I still have a couple of these old 80's miniatures. However this is the only 1 I've recently repainted for Zomtober. One of the interesting things of this range, was that there were many variant's to each. Although the pose was static, there were numerous different heads!

Certainly by today's standards in miniatures, he shows his age, but a cool figure regardless. 

Heading back into my original Zombicide game for the next installment. I still have a great many unpainted figures from there & hope to get another of the heroes with his Zombivore variant done for next week.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael. I went with subdued clothing, typical what a peasant would wear. Unfortunately the Linen shirt kinda blends into his skin.

  2. Don't worry too much about it, zombies actually age really well as miniatures as scale and proportion (even poses) can all be explained by decomposition.

    I think he looks great.

  3. Great stuff Terry! That chaps head is a mess, love it 😀

  4. I love the min, it has aged well imo (and reminds me of me in the morning).
    Great start to Zombtober.

    1. Thanks Zabadak. This range was definitely a change due to the numerous head options available.

  5. I rather like him. The sculpt has a charm to it and he looks like he is "dabbing" like my (then younger) teenaged son used to do. Good start to the month!