Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It's come quick this year it seems. Here we are at Dec 24th, preparing to hunker down with our loved ones to enjoy our Christmas traditions! 

I am sure we will all be doing a bit of over-indulging & groggily awaken Christmas morning to discover what awaits us under the tree. Just avoid anything containing a tentacle!

With the break, it allows some time to rest, recoup, & hopefully get some hobby time in before the new year dawns.

I do admit that I become somewhat spoiled when December comes around. Between our Anniversary, my Birthday & then Christmas, it's a busy time.

This year I bought myself a 3d printer during the Cyber Monday sales. I've a few gaming associates who have also recently bought printers & have been showcasing their results. Some have been funny as everyone starts as a newb & we try to wrap our heads around just what went wrong. Rest assured, as I make these same beginner mistakes, I will be reaching out to those folks for assistance.

I chose an Anycubic Mega-S. What prompted this decision? Well apart from reading some of the reviews of the various printers that would fall into my pricerange. I liked that it came with a spare 1kg spool of PLA. So much for research!

So having put it together, I ran the test print that comes with it. These 2 owls from Thingverse.

My first couple tries of small scatter terrain pieces did not go well. Then I noticed that the files were meant for resin type printers. <Insert Face Palm Here>

Now its onto my first terrain piece designed for the FDM style printer I purchased. But we will have to wait for that result...yep it shows as about a 9 hour print time. So just like Christmas I will be waiting to see what is there on the morrow!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. I hope you had a great day, looking forward to more printing updates soon.

    1. Thanks Michael, will be posting my first items soon!

  2. You really spoilt yourself with that pressy - and why not !
    Hope you and your had a great Xmas.