Monday, July 20, 2020

Computer Consoles

When I first got my 3d printer, I started dabbling with some small items as I was excited to get some stuff made!

I had bought into a few stl file kickstarters to get files ready to go when it arrived. One of the first kickstarters I delved into was Warlayer.

These computer consoles were part of it & I finally got them painted up. There were 3 versions available.

Now as you can see I still seem to be having some issues which I don't know the cause of...perhaps those who are more savvy with 3d printing can provide some pointers.

However I am not about to just turf these into the trash...they can be used, just don't look too closely. Next I thought about the screens, I was not about to paint graphs & images on them, so off to the internet I went & tracked down a bunch of computer screen images. Brought them into Powerpoint & reduced them down, creating a page of computer graphics to use.

I then used a couple of my old military map templates to size & cut each graphic to apply to the screen. At this point I dip the piece into water & then apply white glue which becomes watery too. Then insert onto the screen & burnish it do need to be careful however as the paper will easily smudge (see the front left screen in the image above). I then allowed them to dry & returned the next day.

Looking at them I decided to go with a retro look, which will look good for Steampunk, In Her Majesty's Name, Pulp style games.

Of course we had to have a photo op with the console beside a mad scientist!

As to what's next? I am working on the bases for the other Core Space figures I got in the Kickstarter...which is 3 more trader crews, more Purge, Some Police types & Gangers. Thanks for visiting.


  1. These look amazing and what a transformation from the first photograph to the last. Love them Terry.

    1. Thanks Michael. Dabbling with settings now for them to see if I can get a cleaner model. Learning never ends!

  2. Fantastic stuff Terry! Those screens really do pop, great work 😀

    1. Thanks Ivor! There will be much more to come as I continue to learn & print with my 3d Printer!