Sunday, April 15, 2012

SAGA Welsh Warrior Unit 2

I have finally completed (as in varnished & matte sprayed) my 2nd Warrior unit of Welsh for my SAGA force. With Mayday fast approaching I am now painting up the 12 levies - which are currently in various stages of completion.

I've been impressed with my friend Tim in Saskatoon's ability to paint tartans, checkered and striped tunics and cloaks, so have taken the plunge and am attempting to give it a try. I do need to practice quite a bit more to attain the same quality as Tim.

Also during my last visit to Tim's, he showed me how he made his own spears using I believe 12 guage wire. Alas it appears I didn't get a good length on the one figure & now he isn't able to stand in the box as his spear pokes into the lid...ahh well, theres always one layabout in every unit.

I have also decided to give some of the Army Painter tuft a try rather that attempt to cut & glue a clump of hemp. You can see an example of it on the left figure of the image above. I do like the look & its very easy to use.

Looking forward to the EWG club night this Tuesday. It's been 2 weeks since I've gotten to play a game, so I am itching to go!

Best of all, I won't miss the Senators game which will fall on the Monday & Wednesday this week.


  1. Nice shield work. The fellow with the long spear can just have it bent for use around corners.

    1. I have the Little Big Men Studios to thank for the shields.