Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cangames Part 2

I arrived back at the convention site early Saturday morning for a fulls day gaming. First on the list was

Operation Varsity: Feb 25, 1945 - The First Canadian Parachute Battalion was dropped beyond the Rhine River, 5 miles into Germany. Defended by elite German paratroopers, the DZ proved to be an extremely hazardous place. The area was caught in a triple crosfire from the West, North, and a copse of trees in the middle of the DZ. Added to this was a jump in broad daylight.

This was a 20mm skirmish of Michael Ball's Face of Battle rules.

 I was playing one of the 3 Canadian players. We had 3 objectives. Too capture and hold one of the stone buildings, too knock out and destroy 2 AA guns and to get the plans from the crashed glider. We started making plans for who was to focus on which, but that quickly changed as we were to discover...

 When we flipped a Paratrooper arrives card, it was randomly determined where he landed. I had some one of my squad land on the far end of the map, where alas, he was shot dead as soon as he had removed his harness. As most of my troops landed near the glider, my goal was to get the plans first, then go after some AA positions.

 I also had a bren carrier and 6 pounder AT gun which landed & moved onto the board. It knocked out a Panzer 3 and the AA gun pictured above. We had one last chance to destroy a second gun on the last turn, but as I needed a 1 on a d10 to actually destroy the gun, it failed, but it was sure exciting!

 The turn a paratrooper landed, they had a white (parachute) placed with them, they then spent their next action removing the parachute & standing up. You can see here the number of parachutes around the crashed glider.

As we played the above game, my eye was drawn to the table beside us where a 28mm WW1 game was taking place. Fantastic looking terrain, and I snapped these images to show you.

From what I am reading on the schedule the scenario was called Escape of the Sopwith and was a WW 1 Trench Raid for 4 players using the Last Man Standing Rules.


Nothing adds to a game more than good looking terrain! I will post later the next installment of my Cangames Weekend, until then, enjoy!

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