Wednesday, May 16, 2012

EWG Club Night - IABSM

This evening, Mike brought out a small "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" scenario pitting some Canadian Troops against a German force. This was more of a learning session, as we have only recently starting playing the Too Fat Lardies systems and have been stumbling through them.  I think its a matter of not having played them enough and those of us who have, only remember certain aspects.

The game was played with 10mm miniatures.

Bruce and I played the Germans and swept our 2 armoured elements up into woods overlooking the bridges crossing the river.

We then began hammering away at some Canadian Infantry hiding in woods. One unfortunate platoon spent most of the game pinned & were whittled down.

Eventually Will managed to get a troop of his Shermans onto the flank and returned the favour. This platoon was eventually wiped out. With the remnants falling back.

Some quick observations were than the charts seemed a little confusing with Infantry and AFV's using different charts for modifier's etc. As well both teams would have benefitted from having the shooting charts available so they could follow along when working out combat resolution

I do however look forward to playing more of this system as I think once we get it down, it will play well.

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