Saturday, May 5, 2012

More HOTT/Fantasy Impetus stands

As my painting continues, I have completed 2 more stands of Goblin Shooters. The Fantasy Impetus Orc Army list I have has up to 6 of these elements. These were actually photographed on Friday, but with prep for the Mayday Convention, I didn't get around to getting the blog done.

Again, these are a mix of Ral Partha and old GW.

As I gather the figures for these stands I realize just how many goblin archers I have still to paint. Many are the plastic Night Goblins which are going to start showing up on the remainder of the elements.

I expect I will have another army or three of Goblins which I will likely either paint and sell, or use in trade for items I need.

I am also becoming much happier with how the Army Painter Dip is turning out after being sprayed with a Matte Spray

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