Saturday, August 25, 2012

Edmonton International AFV Model Show

Today I was off to the city to check out the EIAFV Model show. As my wife was coming with me, we didn't get out of the house til later than expected. This wasn't a bad thing as it would allow for all the entrants to be on display & hopefully the mad rush will have thinned out a bit.

As it turned out there were not many people there at all when we arrived. We were able to walk up to every display without a lineup which was nice for taking the photos. Unfortunately there were not a ton of models on display. Of those present I just took some random images of mostly diorama's.

I think part of the problem with entrants may have been the fact that its Fringe time here in Edmonton, so a lot of people are down taking in those shows.

The two images below are from a Romanian WW2 force brought by a vendor from High River who is a fan of Rapid Fire.

I ran into Scott there and after talking with him, he noted that the previous show had a lot more to it.

One of the great things about checking out these types of shows is that it gives you ideas for your own gaming stuff. Bits of terrain, or buildings can inspire you to make some of your own.

The diorama below had some very nice details inside the ruined building.

The owner of this diorama did a very nice job on the windmill & I liked his trees.

 When I saw this diorama depicting a Canadian Lynx, it took me back to my military days, when I was qualified to drive one of those. Of course they are now all museum pieces...time to change the subject.

One person had some busts on display & I must say, he did a fantastic job on them!

There was also a military artist present, selling some of his prints, a company that made themed uniforms and a couple model kit vendors.

I will look forward to the next show & hope to see a lot more models on display.

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