Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Legends of the Old West at EWG

This evening we played Legends of the Old West at the club compliments of Will. I think he was surprised when others showed up with their terrain pieces to add to his game, so that our 1 horse town became a major urban centre.

We had Will (hosting), Bruce, Dan and myself bring out our posse's to hijack the stage in the centre of town. The premise was that it would take 2 men to push the stage 6" a turn to try & get it off the table. Of course when you do something like this, it rarely comes to fruition.

It wasn't long before the shots started ringing out and people started dropping. It may be time to start finding some western themed casualty figures to lay around.

I did manage to get one of my tough's into the stage where he spent the next several turns making Bruce unleash a barrage of bullets trying to nullify him.

In the end, the law won out as Dan's Lawmen were the last posse standing.

A fun evening of gaming, with rules that are fairly easy to grasp. There are a great many addition rules we didn't bother with as it was a one-off game.


  1. Looks like a blast. I like the Legends of the Old West Rule set but prefer using Blackwater Gulch Gunfights in the Old West.

    1. Thanks Drew, it was a blast....just without any TNT. I have the Blackwater Gulch rules downloaded, just need to print them & we will likely give them a try also. Bruce of our group is keen on the Two Hour Wargames skirmish rules as well.

      Stay tuned for more!