Sunday, August 12, 2012

More HOTT Goblins

I am just about finished 2 more stands of Goblin Blade and another of the Wolves for the eventual Wolfriders. (It was after I was outside taking the photos, that I realized I hadn't done the flocking & labelling to finish them off...that I will do tommorrow. But for now here they are;

The element below was actually designed to be used as a Blade General, with an extra mean looking Goblin atop a rocky outcrop & a banner bearer. Most of the figures are GW, however the last on right as your looking, is I believe from Ral Partha. 

This next element also contains a mix of GW metal/plastics and a Ral partha model.

And lastly here are the next two wolves who for now can be used as a Beast Element.

I am thinking once the army is completed I will need to paint the base edges in a colour specific to it, or perhaps just make it the same colour for all my armies to help it blend.

Any thoughts on this before I take the plunge?  Thanks.


  1. Painting the base a uniform colour is a good idea and I find it finishes the base. I usually do those before I flock or, if using something with a natural black colour, not at all. THe wolves look great.

    1. Thanks Bob, thinking further on it I will likely do 3 edges in base colour and the rear edge in a different colour for the army, looking at just the number of goblins, I could potentially have 2 Goblin HOTT armies by the time I am finished.