Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An Evening of DBA

Last night we got together for some DBA. Dave was kind enough to lend me his II/52 Dacian's & I played 2 games against Stu & his II/56 Imperial Romans.

The first game took a bit of time to come to grips, mainly due to low command pips.

Eventually we got within charging distance of one another. Stu had set his Cav units off to the far left.

 Eventually after several turns of recoiling Auxilia & Warbands, there was a breakthrough.

The game ended with a 5/2 victory for the Dacians.

For the second battle, Stu chose to go with the Artillery instead of the second Cav unit. I ran one of my Psiloi out to draw the artillery fire & on the next turn used him in an all or nothing gamble to destroy the Artillery. The odds were +2 to 0 in Stu's favour. He rolled a 3 & I rolled a 6 (the only roll that would have succeeded, thus destroying the Artillery. Of course the Psiloi was destroyed the following turn, but it was a fair trade. This battle ended at 4/2 again for the Dacians. No Generals were lost in the melee.

Next Tuesday Dave is bringing out some forces for a Big Battle DBA!

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