Thursday, April 11, 2013

HOTT Campaign Year 5

Tonight we got together again for our night of HOTT. I had a fastball at work & didn't get finished until 8pm.

The players had progressed to the Summer turn while I was absent with the following occurring;

Chen declared war on me...sure, try to get me while I'm away...
Chris declared war on Dave, while Stu & Dennis formed an alliance.

I arrived at Dennis's place to see a field battle between Dave's Undead & Chris's Normans.

From what I recall, Dave had some good dice & managed to destroy several of the Norman mounted in 1 turn. The following turn as seen below was the end as Chris's General fell.
Tally Dave wins with a 15G/7 total.

I then had a field battle with Chen. I suffered some bad dice rolls & my Magician was pretty much nullified by Chen's Cleric.
Chen won with 14G/4.

Stu marched onto a neutral city but failed to capture it, thus totalling absolutely no gain. Dennis scouted some other unknown territory within his lands & captured a couple more neutral villages.

The map at the end of the night looked like so...

Campaign totals now sit at;

Dave           53
Chen           53
Terry           43
Chris           34
Dennis        33
Stu              15


  1. Some cool shots there. Looks like lots of fun.

    1. Thanks Mark, we are seeing a bit more use of Flyers this campaign. Also we are just getting into where there will be some more Field battles now that most of the campaign map is explored.