Friday, May 24, 2013

Cangames - Sunday

Another early morning & into Cangames for the last day of the con.

The first game of the day was another Bolt Action WW2 game. In a scenario called "Recon to the Reichstag" I again teamed up with Glen & Ross (another gaming friend from my years in Ottawa). We played German forces with 2 others against several elements of Russians.

After divvying up our forces I ended up with a Pzr IV, Sdkfz Halftrack & a MG crew. I mounted the MG crew into the halftrack to make them a mobile platform.

I was pitted against 2 - T34's & a KV1. I managed to get some assistance from a young fella who was on our side & had 2 Panzershreck teams. He managed to knock out the 2 T-34's & I was able to finally score a good hit on the KV1 to take it out of action. I lost my halftrack & MG crew, using it to block the view of my Pzr IV.

Another T34/85 popped around the edge of the building & immobilized me.

My afternoon game was playing Ragnar Lothbrok in a Viking Raid of Northumbria (Saga style). I got to play said Ragnar. We had 4 players on each side.

The image below shows the table.

We had 2 forces of Vikings on each side of the river, against the Scots.

The goal was to hold the most buildings uncontested, as well as to not lose your Warlord.

My forces begin to advance.

It was a very bloody battle & I started my last turn with no one but Ragnar left standing. My opponent was also down to his Warlord & 2 Warriors. I played Loki & removed his warriors then moved in for the final battle.

After a flurry of blows, we slew one another, thus ending the battle for us both. Neither of us had rolled enough saves to survive.

During this time slot, another game of Doctor Who Miniatures was also running. Not sure how it ended but here are a couple images from the scenario - Snow Cap Base Armageddon.

Lastly a game of Zedwood, North Dakota was happening as well. Who doesn't love a game with Zombies! Though the real winner here is the terrain pieces used. Jim had done a fantastic job!

Thus ended another year of Cangames for me. There was one more evening slot, but I decided to skip it & head out to see the new Star Trek movie with a couple. All in all a good time & I will be looking forward to returning again next year.
Up next is the Morinville Town Wide Garage Sale tomorrow.

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