Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Zombicide in Zomtober

Last night we got together at the club & had quite a showing of players. I think we had 11 or 12 people make it out.

Gord & Chen joined me in a game of Zombicide. What better way to promote Zomtober!

We each played 2 survivors & did the scenario City Block, where the survivors had to find 3 items (Bag of rice, water & canned food) as well as acquire all the objectives, then make it off the exit.

Phil was the first to fall, as he was literally swarmed by walkers. It was nothing he did, honest. The walkers had 2 extra turn cards in a row & hammered the luckless fella.

Meanwhile Troy & the Cardboard Samurai were working at keeping the exit path cleared without too much noise.

That swarm of walkers was kept at arms length as the players figured out that using noise to draw them away to open a path was the best option.

The players did make their run & managed to get off the board, losing only 2 of their group (Phil & Ned)

This game will look so much better once all the figures for it are painted. Rumour has it my latest Zombicide Kickstarter is on its way...the horror!

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