Sunday, October 6, 2013

Zomtober and Another Crew Sails

I have completed my Zombie for the Zomtober event for this week. He is another walker from Zombicide.

I have also completed another ships crew (that makes 4 now). On the bright side that means painting 1 less figure for the rest of the crews I am working on.

The first figure is from Foundry and is wielding some large bore musket, the second is a marine & the last is likely from Old Glory.

I am 2/3rds complete on the first of the Super Dungeon Explore miniatures, will be working on another Zombie for next weekends update as well as of course...more Pirates.

I also need to think about what will be occurring for my upcoming November 11th Gaming afternoon.


  1. Great to see more Zomtober goodness! :)

    1. Thanks, & looking forward to having another shamble onto the blog for the weekend!