Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zomtober - the end is nigh

Well as Zomtober draws to a close (ie: last weekend for entries to this hosted event) I have finished my last on time YAY! It just took me this log to post it as I was painting other stuff today while this sat waiting for its photo op.

Again this is one of the Zombicide Walkers.

I appreciate his base looks a little 'off' due to my adding washers to them, so they can stand in my magnetized boxes. This also gives them weight so they don't topple as easy. I think I have pretty much decided I will add washers to all my 28mm figures now.

Thanks to Pulpcitizen for running this event, sometimes a little nudge is all it takes to get paint to brush. Also thanks to Michael for previewing this event  & thus getting me involved.

All the Zombicide miniatures will be painted in due course...must stay on the Pirates!... though I may keep slipping one in every couple of weeks.

So now my mind is feverishly trying to decide what I want to do for my Nov 11th Gaming afternoon. As I myself am a veteran I will be looking down the road to theme my annual (this is the 3rd?) venue on a historical theme. A day like this also allows the playing of a game that takes more than a couple of hours.

I have heard SAGA mentioned, but that's something we could easily do at the club. Part of me wants to run a massive Zombicide game this round as I now have all the expansions & it would allow the trying out of the Zombivores, and other new rules.

Perhaps a 'Get to da Choppa' gauntlet run from one end of the table to the other with Zombie spawns all the way!


  1. Well done for taking part and a suitably 'icky' paint job (a good thing!) to end with. :)

    1. Thanks Pulpcitizen, looking forward to doing it again next year. Just gotta find out where Michael finds all those cool backdrops

  2. Well done Terry a great job to finnish. Like you I'm trying to decide what to do next; I am acutely aware that I need to get back on a historical trip and have based up masses (for me) Russian Artillery for the winter painting challenge. That doesn't start until December, so I'm now thinking 'Dinovember'!

    1. Thanks Michael, it always seems a conundrum as new figures arrive..the pull to start painting them is a hard thing to quell. So moving onto Dinosaurs eh? That will be interesting to watch