Saturday, August 9, 2014

100th Anniversary of the PPCLI


This weekend marked a milestone in Canadian Military History. It was 100 years ago that a Canadian Infantry Regiment was formed.

More of the history of this esteemed Regiment can be found here. My participating in events is that I was a serving member of the 2nd Battalion between 1981-1988. The numerous events being hosted to celebrate the Centennial also provided me an opportunity to reunite with old buddies from Germany at the 'Better Ole'. More on that later.

So one of the events was a trip to the Museum of the Regiments in Calgary. I see its name now is The Military Museums.
My wife & I took the opportunity to visit, as its something I had wanted to do for some time.

We were given about 4 hours to tour the place before we needed to be back on the bus. So here are some of the photos I took.



As the events continued, Saturday saw the Garrison open its gates to the public & showcased much of the equipment used today, as well as quite a few historical vehicle displays.

Of course there had to be a parade to mark the 100 years.

Then onto the displays.

They even had some of the lads dressed in period equipment

There was quite a bit more equipment displays, however I am not fond of photographing kids climbing all over the vehicles.

So after both the Museum trip, & the displays, I went to the Better Ole to have some beers & chat with some buddies from the past. I didn't take any photos per se, but to explain where the Better Ole comes from.

More info on how it came to be can be found here.

So that ends my festivities of the 100th Anniversary. The guys will be heading home to wherever their hats rest & I suppose the next opportunity to reunite will be the 125th.


  1. Great to see my old rpom mate from Germany. It was nice catching up with you in Edmontpn. Nice story on the Blig.

    Darcy Parker
    2VP 83-89

    1. I agree Darcy, those were good years in Germany & it was great seeing a bunch of the fella's to reminisce

  2. Great selection of photo's dude, looks like a grand day out.

    1. Bob, it was indeed, great weather, lots to see & beer to be drank with friends

  3. What a superb looking event and that museum looks wonderful Terry.

    1. Michael it was pretty impressive. It's still seeing some renovations done & they were adding some hangar type buildings to house some aircraft. What was really cool is that I saw a couple images on the displays that I had taken during my tenure in Germany. I was the Battalion Photographer at the time so most of the negatives went into the archives of the Regiment.