Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gangstah's at the EWG

Last night at the club Bruce brought out his Gangster's using the Chain Reaction 2.0 Rules which he then modified to use d10's.

We had 5 guys join into the insanity that is Gangsters. Bruce uses Christmas Village buildings to represent the various sites. What better time of year for Gangsters to Give & Receive!

Each player controls a gang or plays the blue-coats. As well everyone has objectives to try to attain, whilst trying to deny everyone else theirs.

The Gang members each have various stats & what is rolled on a d10 determines who can activate that turn. If you roll high you will move first, but only with a few of your members, roll low & everyone goes, but whose left standing by then?

I had 2 objectives for my group, rob the bank & then stash the goods, as well as escort a truck of beer to the 'Soda Shop'.

The first turns usually involve trying to regroup your gang members who start scattered throughout the city.

By turn 4 there was no shooting whatsoever, so with the crack of a back-firing vehicle, hell broke loose.

The gang below has just decimated some coppers from behind. The then strode up & slew the stunned police.

As Bruce will be running this at Fallcon, I won't give anymore details of what I saw from other factions. I did get one of my guys in the beer vehicle & was then shot so the vehicle careened down the road continuing on its way. Its just to the bottom left & swerved before slamming into the police.

The Policed didn't escape unscathed however as the vehicle smashed into the police station & rolled.

I did manage to catch one gang in the open, however only killed one, the others kept getting stunned. He then managed to get up & hammered me while I was in cover, killing 3 of my guys....what the hell? Lucky dice no doubt.

As it turned out, the player who was the police, though knocked out first, did win the game thru objectives. I am sure this will inspire Wargamer Girl.


  1. Love the Xmas buildings dude! Looks a nice skirmish game.

    1. Thanks Bob, yes there was a lot of Mayhem to be had.