Thursday, August 7, 2014

Explosive Possibilities

There are reasons why I have so enjoyed starting my blog. Before getting into it I was drawn to Tim's, a friend in Saskatoon whose myriad of campaigns & figure painting inspired me. As well there was Bob the lead of our Edmonton Wargames Group who also was an inspiration.

Since beginning mine, I am still a neophyte, I have had the pleasure of checking out many more & have added those of like interests to my list. Of course these are merely a drop in the bucket as they too have blogs they follow & this has allowed me to reach further to be inspired even more.

This leads to today's entry. While perusing one of the blogs I noticed an entry posted by a blog called Shed Wars & his entry on making explosions with lighting!

So of course I had to give this a try with the sheer number of Dollar Stores around. Full credit of course goes to the owner of the blog Shed Wars.

So here are my first attempts of his wonderful inspiration.

As I was gathering the materials needed, there was a moment of indecision...polyester or cotton balls.

It took me moments to realize that it had to be the Polyester Filling as it is able to be pulled apart much more than a cotton ball, which is too dense to provide the effect below.

So both of us have gained from this sharing of ideas. I now have some pretty cool looking explosion / flame markers & he now has another follower.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Scott, I think these would be excellent for destroyed just got to destroy them!

  2. I saw these on Eric's blog, but they look awesome against your steam tanks.

    1. Thanks Michael, I am looking at checking out more of his past entries as time permits.

  3. I would like to triple the statement. They look awesome dude!

    1. Thanks Bob, they are indeed easy to make, & just need time (glue to dry, etc)