Monday, December 15, 2014

Zombicide Doug

This past weekend I completed Doug & his Zombivore variant.

Doug is one of my favorite characters from the original set as his Matching Set ability is a shoe-in to received the Pistol from the starting equipment.

The second Zombivore variant is painted as part of the long term commission I've been slowly working through.

So happy when he does get to the stage of dual wielding Uzi's

As for the Zombivore's, I am leaning to stray from the official take of 5 wound walker style zombies & will instead be using them full throttle - Hey! If your going to get some Phat Lewt, your going to get bloody doing it!

I have the first batch of 5 zombies on the paint table. I've also started putting together my first mdf building which I purchased quite a few years ago from CNC Miniatures Workshop.

As well, with Scott working on his 28mm French, I've caught the bug to pull out my early war British to start working on them for Chain of Command.


  1. Great job Terry, one of my favourite characters too; he always seems to hold the hapless band together in the early stages of any game.

    1. Thanks Michael, I would have to agree, certainly beats the Frying Pan!

  2. Very nice dude! Doug is the man to pull you through tight spots when dual weilding.