Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saturday Night Gaming

Last night I ventured over to Craig's house for some board gaming.

He and his wife Arlene already had Cthulhu Wars set up & ready to go. This would be my second time playing this & as well we had 4 players.

We randomly drew our factions from the black bag & once again I got the Great Cthulhu!

The starting zone are pre-determined so here is a shot of the early game. Craig who was playing the Black Goat brought his Old One out on the second turn.

The 4 player game sure makes the board busy, especially on the European/Asian half of the board. 


This was an odd situation that found Shub-Niggarath engaged with almost the entire Nyarlathotep host.

The Creeping Chaos faction seemed quite powerful with its ability to fly the Horrors about the board & use Night Gaunts to spirit away elements of the opposing side. This faction needs to be kept away from receiving its spell books as much as possible.

The game was won by Arlene who was playing the Creeping Chaos (blue faction)

I then pulled out Dead of Winter, as neither Craig or his wife had played. After thoughts I should have taken photos of the board, Main mission etc.

However here we have the hall of the dead. This is the second time I've had Edward White, only to see him perish as he ventured out into the cold. 

I then had my second character, Ashley, get bitten & she infected Buddy Davis. This pretty much euchered me as I had to return all my cards (I had all my secret mission cards & was waiting for the game to end. Ahh well, nothing goes as planned.

Scott was the sole winner of this game.

It was a good night of gaming & I look forward to more of the same.