Tuesday, February 3, 2015

EWG in the Dead of Winter

We had our first Tuesday EWG club meet this eve & I brought out Dead of Winter. As it turns out, we are in another bit of a cold spell, so it segway's nicely.

I played with Brian, Sean & Barry.

 Things got of to an ominous start as the first character Brian moved to a different location suffered a Bitten, causing her death. Down goes Morale (we started at 6).

We then totally failed this Crisis, having 0 cards played to prevent it. It wasn't so bad however as the locations that received the zombies had no characters in them.

Now that I look back, I don't believe we had a single successful Crisis. This next one caused our demise as we lost 2 more Morale.

As well we lost 3 other characters, which brought us to 0 on the Morale track, ending the game. A photo of the fallen.

The game was won however by both myself having obtained my objectives, as well as the Betrayer (who was Sean). The game only lasted 4 rounds before we ran out of morale, so that goes to show the importance of handling the crises. All the players enjoyed the game. Will see if I can schmooze Craig & his wife into playing this on Saturday.


  1. That looks like a cool game, never heard of it before. Is it still available?

    1. Hi Bob, yes its still available, though it does seem to have trouble remaining in stock. Lots of online stores can certainly help if thats the case.
      This was my second time playing & just from what I've seen, the replayability is huge as you will not get through many of the Crossorads cards in a game & the Crisis, Secret Objectives of players will always keep you guessing. Do I wish they would have gone with plastic miniautures? Of course! Though that would just add further to my already impossible pile of miniatures to paint.