Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sword & Spear at EWG

Tonight Scott hosted us in a game of Sword & Spear.

I played the Hittites with Taylor, while Bruce & Brian took the opponents. Sorry don't recall the force.

Both sides played the one flank heavy with Chariots. As well both forces Generals were very much involved on this flank.

The other flank of all infantry was slower to get moving.

The Chariots collide, we had a unit evaporate, but evened the score shortly after. The Spear unit managed to hold against the foe.

The flank begins to get turned.

Eventually the spear unit fell under the wheels of Brian's Chariot. Down to a single Chariot unit, Brian pushed further behind the front line & was pelted with arrows taking 2 wounds.

On the Infantry flank, things were not looking good for the Hittites as 2 elements were lost to an insane amount of arrow fire.

As the last of Brian's Chariots was destroyed, his General fled.

It was the turn after that the morale failed on the opposing side & they departed the field.

The game was back & forth with lots of horrible rolls on both sides, followed by insane amounts of 6's. All in all good fun. Thanks Scott for bringing this out.

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  1. No problem! The opposing force was New Kingdom Egyptians.