Saturday, September 12, 2015

Another Excellent Collection of stuff from The Gibbons Townwide Garage Sale

So another years end to the Town Wide Garage Sales, as Gibbons hosted their annual event. They improve every year, having moved many of the food vendors within a fenced in area with tables set up in the middle.

As well one of the establishments had set up a sort of beer garden w/ Live music stage, which was a first as far as I recall.

However, enough of the background....onto the loot!

As luck would have it, I found quite a few 1/43 scale cars. All of these were purchased for $3 or less each. There were quite a few vendors with in the box "Collectible" prices, reaching oft times over $10. However with some haggling those with prices more reasonable, submitted to the sales.

That Cadillac will make quite a Pimp-mobile!

One of the hardest things I am finding, is getting 'normal' everyday cars. Seems everyone wants to do the classics, or sports cars.

These 2 below, even though a BMW & Mercedes were likely the closest to a Normal vehicle I got

Then again, one cannot really resist a Jaguar

One of the many "Collectible"vendors did have this box of Minotaurs which I managed to knock down to $20. We all know their GW friendly price.

Another wonderful find was a set of 10 Hardcover Walking Dead books. After chatting with the lady, I managed to get them for $5 each. My wife was scowling at me over this price, until I showed her the cover price on the back. Sure it ended as a $50 hit, but had I paid full price for these.....

I found these 4 PC computer games at the first house I stopped at. When I asked how much they were asking..she said $1 each... SOLD!

I have found that during the Town-wide garage sales, the local library's get involved as a way to offload older books. I didn't take a photo, but suffice to say there was quite a haul purchased. 

Also bought were 2 of the Heroscape Core games at $4 a piece.

The last item to show was an obscure piece that when I saw it, caused me to emit a loud ARRRRRrr!

Being a big Pirate Miniature fan, this gem will certainly find a use. Perhaps as a mere dice holder, but I am sure something more worthwhile will be discovered. 

So as I said earlier, this ends the Garage Sale season for me. It's often a difficult task for my wife to get me to stop at some random signed home. I need to fill a day to really enjoy the search for these treasures.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Tremendous finds and as for that pirate chest - wow!

    1. Thanks Michael, my thoughts exactly when I saw it. Still debating whether to paint up that wood inside or leave as is.