Sunday, September 27, 2015

Edmonton Comic-Expo & a couple arrivals

Another busy & fun weekend is drawing to a close. Yesterday my wife & I attended the Edmonton Comic Expo where I actually dressed for the occasion.

It was a long day filled with amazing cosplayers & costumed folks all enjoying a day with like-minded individuals. This is I believe the 8th year for Edmonton hosting this? We are starting to see some big names such as Stan Lee, Jenna Coleman & others.

So whom did I dress as? Why non-other than Tim the Enchanter.

A lady friend spent the last month working on the outfit from some of the trappings I had already & with her magical craftiness. Of course as mentioned there were some excellent costumes, a few of which I showcase here

Not sure who this lass was, but she certainly got my attention.

Tim seems to have found himself in a Galaxy Far Far Away.

There were quite a few Star Wars themed costumes.

This lovely lady was very excited with seeing Tim. How could I say no?

Quite a trip down Road Warrior Lane

There was also a large number of ladies dressed as Harley Quinn. This one seemed the best as she started an impromptu performance & was having a lot of fun with the it.

This year we took in a couple photo-ops. Jenna Coleman! WOOT! I didn't realize she was so petite. We were in the third batch of attendees & they were really rushing to get everyone through, so we could barely say hi....lesson learned, try to be in the first batch of people going forward.

As well we had a photo with the Cosplay folks. I think Tim found a new Rabbit, YAY Jessica Nigri!

So after the excitement of the expo, I got to open a couple parcels which had arrived. First was a parcel of some mdf kits I had ordered from Blotz.

I am always looking for smaller scatter terrain pieces & these will fit nicely in a couple of era's for gaming. I also had a couple ziplock bags of produce in sacks. I've already tested them on the cart & they fit wonderfully. More photos when they are done.

As well they had some Gypsy Caravan's. YES had to have a couple of those!

The other parcel was from my Darksword Diterlizzi Kickstarter. I got the core set & a couple of the add-ons, but not the whole affair. These will work well with my sudden Frostgrave Craze.


So there is the end of another busy, fun this rate I will need a weekend from my weekends. At least we have a couple weeks before Fallcon so I can relax a bit from the rush.


  1. Well that has certainly brightened my morning, thank you Terry!

    1. Your welcome Michael, thanks for reading. My wife & I both enjoyed the day & dressing up in costume makes a big difference as people want photos with cool is that