Saturday, September 19, 2015

Model Train Show

I seem to forget every September how busy my weekends are. This one being no exception as we spent a couple hours at the Model Train Show, which occurs every September.

I was sad to see one of my favorite exhibits wasn't present this year. I know the fellow who was building it seemed to think that last year would be his last, as his health was starting to fail. I just hope his is doing well, & although not exhibiting, is getting to the show.

I didn't take many photos of the various layouts, as many have been seen before, there are just tweaks & updates as this hobby continues to grow.

I find myself often captivated looking at the work these people do on their layouts.

Of course no Model Train show would be complete without vendors. And this year there were quite a few offering O guage items including some 1/43 scale offerings. So my wallet left the show quite a bit lighter

I also found one vendor selling some O guage buildings & couldn't resist. Now these are wired for lighting, etc. The roof doesn't come off & there are not real inner floors, however I did notice the screws mounting the building to the sidewalk, which means I should be able to weather these fairly easily & will be removing the inner storefront images. Perhaps some of the furniture from the Battle Systems - Post Apocalyptic
Terrain Kickstarter I am part of now would fill this nicely.

My search however still continues to find a gutted O gauge locomotive & some rail cars for a decent price for some pulp gaming. Oh well, there is always next September.



  1. Nice find. I must look out for when these shows are on I could do with some cars like that for my spy fi/7TV games.

    1. Good plan Simon, however I caution the buyers. Many of these vendors still hold on to that whole "Collectible"mentality. I even saw a single vehicle from Lionel priced at $97.50....seriously, a single car. You could buy a whole starter train set for that much. I guess patience is whats required & I often scour the kids toys boxes at garage sales. Let's face it, when we start painting them up for gaming, they will no longer be collectible, except to other gamers.

  2. Cracking buys and I've just checked out the battle systems Kickstarter - wow! I shall be watching that closely.

    1. Thanks Michael. I was stoked waiting for this to launch. I didn't get in on their previous kickstarters, but a friend who did was very impressed with the service he got, so with my current Zombicide gaming interest, figured I would need to get on board.