Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Well today after work was certainly a banner day. I arrived home to find this sitting on the floor inside the door.

So from what I am reading on the box, this is just the Core game which had a crap-load of add-on's & a reward box. This means more will be coming down the road....but to finally have this in my home. WOOT!

Inside the carton were 2 boxes. The big core box & the reward box.

It seems even Adam was over excited getting this to us....hence the typo thanking us.

I had to see inside, so away with the plastic wrap. & here is the gameboard. Very thick card & very nice indeed.

Lots of cards & built in storage trays....nice!

And one must not forget the miniatures...

The image below are the miniatures in the Survivor level rewards.

Also my Infamy - Big Smoke kickstarter arrived....I need an early retirement at this rate. This game has some beautiful miniatures. The exchange rate however on the poor Canadian dollar prevented me from going bigger on this. I may look into getting the others down the road.

The remainder of the photos below are close-ups of each of these models.

This will be the last I see of these for the near future as I have a few more figures to get painted before Fallcon. As well a couple of the fella's will be coming over to playtest the scenario of All's Quiet on the Martian Front that Scott & I will be hosting there.

It's going to be hard to focus with all these shiny new miniatures around the house.


  1. Great deliveries there. :)

    Still waiting on my Infamy pledge alas...

    1. Pulp, as I've received mine, yours should arrive anytime. Of course if you over indulged....

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael. I will be chomping a the bit as it were to forestall diving into this. I will however add it to my winter painting. At least get initial players & monsters painted to give the game a try. So often it seems I snag games with miniatures just for the miniatures, always looking to use in other games. Then I realize there are a lot of darned good games out there worth playing!

  3. Very cool. I am glad this eventually delivered.

    I followed this Kickstarter and went back and forth between backing and not backing so many times - yeesh! I eventually decided against it because I was not really drawn to many of the models, some were awesome, but many were just too weird for my tastes.

    Hopefully the game play is awesome and perhaps I will end up regretting that decision. I look forward to hearing more about it.


    1. Hey Brent, this was the 2nd Kickstarter I ever backed, right after the Zombicide one. Getting starting characters built, painted & played will not likely occur until late November/December. Got the rest of your Star Wars Figures, my November 11th gaming afternoon & of course Zomtober on my plate atm...hmm unless there are Zombies in there. Will need to check. See you in a couple of weeks