Monday, September 14, 2015

Zombicide Walkers & a Dumpster

I spent yesterday afternoon finishing off 4 more Walker Zombies, the 5th just wasn't close enough to be completed in the time I had. As well I completed the first dumpster.

So here are the walkers

I've also been busy finishing up the other painted Walkers with the grit added to the bases. Another touch I've been working on is the addition of Newspapers & Magazines as decor. This is a little something I got from following James Wappel's Blog.

His post on adding signage to his container inspired me to start checking into doing this. I sent a couple messages back & forth with him before delving further to discover if someone had created some related newspapers to use...sure enough there was some, although with reduction in scale, some are hard to read.

I also took the opportunity to copy his idea of signage & created signs for the dumpster below.

This resin dumpster is one of those I got from Ainsty's castings. 

I opted for the 'Soylent Green Sanitation Company' Who of course are proud to let nothing go to waste. The dumpster also provided some Graffiti decals a home!

So tomorrow night is club night, where the Survivors brave Chapter 3 of the Zombicide Campaign.