Monday, December 28, 2015

Boxing Day Myths

An early morning post as I prepare to venture out once again with my lovely wife who just hasn't had enough of boxing day shopping. I guess as this day is in lieu of the Boxing Day stat holiday, she feels that its still Boxing day. No worries though as I plan to hit a game store as well.

However, this morning I did the matte spray on the next 3 Myth figures I am painting for a buddy. These are coming from this game.

So here we have another Warrior (Centre) & what I think are Engineers/Mechanics of some sort.

I have another 4 of them on the painting table along with a couple more creatures for Frostgrave. Until then its off for another day of shopping!


  1. More Boxing DAy shopping, you brave man! These are lovely though, very cool.

    1. Thanks Michael, however it would have been braver to NOT go shopping with the better half, though that would also likely lead to coal for Christmas next year.