Sunday, March 13, 2016

Frostgrave Campaign - Game 3

The Wizard warbands descended on Frostgrave for another foray. However one of the treasures was more than it seemed.

One of my archers was taken out on the first turn...not looking to be a profitable venture.

Malcron's apprentice sweeping a street.

Ember with her Man-at-Arms & a Thug. The first treasure is grabbed, but no Genie!

A pair of Giant Rats entered

Malcron's archer grabs a treasure, releasing the Genie!

Additionally there were several waves of wandering creatures...wolves, a boar, giant rats..are we in a Zoo? Oddly enough, they all spawned near Malcron's band.

A long range arrow takes down one of Julio's Thugs.

My Man-At-Arms engaged Julio's construct. After a couple rounds, the construct had been demolished.

The Genie was not having much luck, as Malcron continued to Steal Life from it each round.

Ember cast a Fog to limit the archery coming from Julio's band. Alas, it only lasted 1 turn.

Malcron's Ranger is felled by one of Julio's archers.

A scuffle between Malcron's hound & Julio's Knight & Archer. The Archer is felled!

The next round, the hound rolled a natural 20, however the knight tied the total & thus both were taken out of action.

Another 20! Sheesh, Malcron is rolling well & yet another of Julio's troops falls.

A White Ape arrived & engaged Malcron's apprentice. The Ape was again taken down with numerous Steal Life spells.

My own wizard Ember was engaged by a Giant Rat, but managed to best it after a couple rounds.

As the last of the treasures was taken off the field, the game ended

Malcron (Jonathan) garnered 350xp (16 successful spells, 1 creature killed by the Wizard & 3 treasures). Death took his Infantryman & a Thief . He found 360gp, Potions of Explosive Cocktail, Healing, Invisibility & a Grimoire of Absorb Knowledge.

Julio (Scott) garnered 270xp (14 successful spells, 1 opponent killed by the wizard, 2 treasures) His band was devastated with the deaths of the Knight & loss of his construct. He also had an Archer & Thief missing the next engagement. He found 130gp, & Gloves of Casting.

Ember (me) garnered 400xp (12 successful spells, 2 opponents felled by the wizard, 4 treasures). 2 of the archers died of their wounds. She found 240gp, & 4 Grimoires - Strike Dead, Decay, Strength, Create Grimoire.

The warbands are now recouping their losses & re-filling their ranks for the next foray int Frostgrave


  1. Excellent edition of your campaign reports :)

    1. Thanks Simon, we have a few mod's we are using based on my gaming weekend with Tim. We have a guaranteed wandering encounter each turn, which enters a location based on a die roll, it will then traverse the table towards the opposite side until it gets within 10" of something.
      We are also using the fall damage with regards to using a Leap spell to drop from a height. So now the Leap is good to get you up there, but its best to climb down!