Monday, April 4, 2016

Gaming Retreat D&D Game, Frostgrave & Kingdom Death

I just realized that my last post was close to the middle of March, how the time flies. I have not been during that time as I've spent a weekend in the mountains at a gaming retreat hosted by a buddy & his brother. Most of the weekend consisted of board games, however Bruce brought out some Maurice & Lion Rampant to play.

As well Brent brought out another D&D adventure which 3 groups attempted during the weekend... seems a lot of people are enjoying several hours of Roleplaying. Brent also brought his Dwarven Forge stuff to game on, which was a real treat.

A large part of the game took place in a mansion. Of course Brent pulled out all the stops, showcasing his light up fireplace & wall sconces.

Of course the place burnt else would he be able to show us the fire leaping out of the windows!

Below our stalwart band opens the doors to the last room & final battle. Of course I took this photo before all the opponents were added.

I am also starting to get some more work done on miniatures for Frostgrave. Oh & another of the pieces of the Garden of Morr set.

Another archer & a small demon / imp.

I am also starting to work on the Kingdom Death figures. I was painting the 4 starting characters, however one of them popped off the base as I was painting, so she will be showcased with the Lion.

However here are the other 3, armed with little more than jagged rocks.

I also chose not to use the bases supplied with the game, opting for a brick pattern created using one of the rollers I bought from Green Stuff World

I admit, I should have had more painted, but I have been caught up in the shiny of the moment phase & have several projects started & are now in various stages of completion. Hopefully I will find the focus to complete some. With the Mayday Games Day next on the list, I have several Frostgrave Warbands to prep, so that should get me targeting those  in the near future.


  1. Lovely terrain and those Kingdom Death figs are just superb!

    1. Thanks Gordon. All the Kingdom Death figures are plastic & have a sort of joint built into the pieces to get in most cases a really good fit between them. The Lion I am putting together now had some really nice joins & just a bit of putty to fill the minute cracks is all that's required now.

  2. Wow what a tabletop to play on - staggeringly good! Those Kingdom Death miniatures are rather good too, not heard of those before.

    1. Thanks Michael, yes the D&D game was a visual extravagance. It was my very first Kickstarter I joined, followed immediately after by Zombicide. is a link to it now. I am looking forward to getting the last of the starting survivors & the Lion done so I can run it at the club in the near future to see how it plays. Its getting great reviews on Boardgame Geek Thanks for reading!