Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Frostgrave Campaign - The Keep

With the new year, it was time to once again continue our Frostgrave Campaign. This was our 10th game & we played a modified version of The Keep

I opted for a mostly walled keep, with a couple areas of easy egress into the ruins that lay inside. Otherwise the warbands would be required to climb the walls, but they could then see down inside.

Within the confines, among the ruins are 4 large circular disks. At the centre of each lies a treasure. There are also 2 other treasures at the centre of the ruin.

As soon as someone steps onto a disk, they will randomly send the person to another disk. The words that could command location are long lost. The  member rolls a d20 (1-5 disk to left, 6-10 disk opposite, 11-15 disk to right, 16-20 remains on current disk.

The disks also prevented magic from working on them. No-one could be struck by spell or cast while standing on one of the disks. Any magic boosts, or magic items would be nullified or dispelled. Items would act as normal items.

A person can be leapt onto a disk, however the teleport would occur when they landed.

We also began using the trap rules for Initiative & treasures. Anytime a player rolls a 1 for initiative a trap is tripped. If a player picking a treasure up rolls a 1, he is affected by a trap.



As it worked out, none of the wizards used a teleport disk. The battle was quite nasty on Craigs warband as he had several members receiving bad wounds & thus must decide if he will forgo those wounded troops for replacements, or begin with a depleted band.

The results after the scenario were

Bob (Scott) - 540xp, 260gc, Scrolls - Wall, Control Construct; Grimoire - Bones of the Earth
  Theodore badly wounded (misses game)

Ludwig (Chen) - 300xp, 30gc, Potions - Healing(x2), Explosive Cocktail.

Innovar (Craig) - 270xp. Zeph killed; Delva, Perp, Gren badly wounded (miss game)

Eben (Terry) - 340xp, 50gc, Scrolls - Teleport, Petrify. Balthasard killed; Borke badly wounded (miss game).

This leaves us with 1 remaining scenario from the core book. We will then be moving on to the Hunt for Golem mini - campaign.


  1. Wow, so much action! Great battle report.

    1. Thanks Stephen, this scenario certainly got players into the mix once they started teleporting.