Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

So here we are, a New Year, which generally means fresh beginnings, goals, plans, aspirations & of course hope for happiness that the new year brings.

For me it begins with a new folder on my computer. To hold all of this years shenanigans. Of course it also means the goal of trying to get an hour a day at least for hobby time to paint/build & create. Perhaps less computer gaming is in the offing.

However while painted 'last year' these items were not completed until this morning with the matte over spray. So here are the first items for 2018!

Escenorama Ruin - I've finally completed another of my Escenorama ruins. These are multi-part kits. It seems they've added a few more building types to their line!

Wiz-kids Cart - I picked up this near the end of November, knowing it would be a great addition to my scatter terrain for Mordheim & Frostgrave. It come primed, so one only has to get a lick of paint on it. I am not overly enthused with these pre-primed or the Reaper Bones claims of not needing to prime, however with the temperature where it is these days. I worked in a pinch.

Spiderlings - Finally got 8 of these re-painted. These spiderling figures are from an older RAFM game called Death in the Dark. This game pitted bands of Black Powder using Dwarves against Crossbow wielding Elves. The elves had spiders that grew larger as the game progressed. These obviously were the smallest version. However they will make fine additions to my Frostgrave Critters.

Star Wars Imperial Assault - Managed to finish the 2 Echo Base Ally soldiers for my buddy. I used the Light (Skintone) dip in lieu of my standard Strong dip for these due to all the light colours.

So that completes my first post of 2018. We have been invited to a friends for some afternoon board gaming, which I am hoping my wife will be joining in on (this falls under the aspirations goal). 

Again Happy New Year & all the best to everyone!


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours Terry, and what a corking post for the start of 2018! Especially with all the eye candy on display, but especially the Escenorama Ruin - previously unaware of these models, so here's your first "Thank You" of the year :-)

    1. Thanks Wargame Addict. I saw these ruins a few years ago & just had to order the ruined village. They also come with a bunch of doors, etc should you want to add them into the mix.

  2. Love the Rebel Troopers - awesome work as usual.


    1. Thanks Brent! They will be in your care come March!