Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Frostgrave - Lich Lord & more Rangifers

Continuing to work through Frostgrave related figures on my paint table, today I have 2 more Rangifers & the figure I've found to play the roll of the Lich Lord

Now I am unsure where this figure came from & I likely do have the Frostgrave version of the Lich Lord, just didn't find him atm. I thought perhaps it was a Warmachine figure, but even doing just a google search on Lich figures didn't provide me any photos of this figure...wierd. I likely got this guy in one of the swap/auction lots I won.

The Ghoul King is currently drying & 2 undead guardians are in progress.

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  1. Rangifiers both look great I really like the Ghoul king model as well. Nice work Terry.

    1. Thanks Simon. Rangifers are a bit of work with the gluing of the antlers. Not a big fan of gluing things on metal models.