Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Spooky Fun Times at the Club!

Bob brought out his Halloween themed Pulp Alley Game with the Not Lego Miniatures.

The scenario had 4 themed hero groups - Ghostbusters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Big Bang Theory & Scooby Doo trying to save he rave!

Alas bands of roaming zombies, & costumed Horrible Bosses were also ruining the fun! 

I went for the Scooby Doo faction. We then received our reference sheet which also contained faction specific info!

Depending on your faction, you would get points for slaying zombies, rescuing costumed teens, perhaps rescuing a member of your kidnapped band. I for example had to rescue Daphne! Before I could do that however other things needed to occur first.

As in all Pulp Alley games, there were areas that were Perilous to leave once entered & allowed for another player to place a peril on you.

First turn for my group was getting everyone to the walls to cross the next turn. 

The Ghostbusters crossing the streams on a bunch of zombies!

 Eventually enough of the horrible bosses were revealed & then entered the Major Plotpoint. Who else but Hilter! (Anyone else watch Preacher?)

Hilter had his ride speeding across the board.

Hilter stands with his kidnapped victims. To free them we had to succeed a cunning test.

The Ghostbusters got the first crack at Hilter. And had 2 of their members taken down.

Meanwhile Freddy put the moves on Buffy (earning me 2 vp's) & stunning Buffy for a round.

Eventually the Ghostbusters had pushed Hilter back leaving an opportunity for Thelma to save Daphne, which she did...ending the game.

The game was close, & I won with 1 point ahead of second place.

Thanks Bob for bringing out this light-hearted romp!


  1. Replies
    1. Hey Simon thanks! Yes it was fun! He worked very hard on NOT painting these miniatures for this!

  2. That looks and sounded like a lot of fun.

  3. Thanks Zabadak, Bob likes to bring themed scenarios to the club for all the big holidays!