Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Frostgrave - Battle on the River

Our latest campaign game was scenario 2 from the Thaw of the Lich Lord which basically was a battle over the still partially frozen river.

Again we had 5 warbands fighting over this area of Felstad.

Bob the Elementalist 

Eben the Enchanter

Malcron the Summoner

Innovar the Chronomancer

Ludwig the Elementalist

The scenario was pretty much as per the campaign book, 4 treasures randomly placed. At the beginning of the 3rd turn creature phase, an agent of the Lich Lord exits from one of the ends of the central shipwreck & attempts to make of with a 'special treasure'

Of course as in all Frostgrave games, nothing goes as planned.

 So ends another thrilling adventure. The spoils of each of the bands were as follows;

Ludgwig (Chen) - 395xp, 30gc, Crystal Rose, Scrolls - Write Scroll, Scattershot,  Raise Zombie. 

Malcron (Jonathan) - 205xp, 150gc, Grimoire - Fools Gold. Blew & Bernie killed.

Innovar (Craig) - 255xp, 30gc, Potions - Healing (x2), Strength. Purp, Slip badly wounded (miss game).

Bob (Scott) - 385xp, Boots of Leaping, Scarf of Obscurance.

Eben (Me) - 180xp. No treasures. Lorin, Ogden badly wounded (miss game).

As I look at the development of my 'comic' stories, I think I will begin to capture an overall image of the field at the beginning of each turn as I feel that it will aid readers into seeing or knowing roughly where the events told are occuring. I see how the images may confuse those looking at them as they piece together the bigger battle.

As a group, we have decided to do 2 more games for this campaign. Eben will be level 80 after this scenario & with our casting costs so low, its nigh impossible for them to fail. Our conversations lend to perhaps running campaigns that last perhaps 10 scenarios max before determining a winner.

We shall see! Thanks for taking the time to visit the blog.


  1. Wow Terry! That was absolutely brilliant, what a great looking game - your terrain and figures are magazine worthy! I think the comic book format is perfect :) Is that a dry erase board that you used for showing the names of each warband?

    1. Thanks Ivor. Yes its a dry erase board (dollar store), as we know warbands can change every game. It was how I wanted to show the characters so those reading the AAR could see whom they belonged too.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Simon! Was a great scenario to use my Pirate ships, which have been boxed far too long!