Monday, October 22, 2018

Model Train Swap Meet & Village Attacks Kickstarter

It was a good weekend! I was off to the Model Train Swapmeet where, upon meeting with several others from out games group, we all went about snagging some deals!

I came home with quite a few pieces to add to my gaming collection. First up was a collectors set of Yellowstone Park Vehicles. These were a limited run, but I am more interested in using them for games!

Then I saw this box on the same vendors table. Hmm an airport control tower kit. It just happened to be in 'O' guage, so would work well with my 28mm stuff.

The control room piece has some broken bits, but that should be easy to fix with some balsa wood or plastic bits. Of course PLASTICVILLE will have to go!

Another vendor had some more 'O' guage buildings & I watched as several were snagged by another buyer..darn it, 15 seconds earlier... However there was this building left over which I bought for $10. Another paintjob & graffiti are in store.

I then found this HO scale decal set for Industrial buildings. Surely they will also work for some 'O' guage ones as well!

Then I found something I've been waiting for. I wanted some early 1900's train stuff for use in pulp gaming. I picked up this engine & tender for another $10.

I also bought another tender, just for some variety & hey, the price was right.

Next would be finding the correct box/cattle cars from that era, as well as a couple passenger cars. But then I thought...what about modern zombie apocalypse gaming? Surely this would be the place to snag some boxcars, etc.

So I did 

There were another 2 which I picked up, but 1 boxcar is much like another. Again these will get dirtied up with graffiti!

Another table had this San Francisco trolley, which will need some minor repairs to get it gaming ready. The roof at one end had come unglued, as well 1 of the benches was loose. 

Finally after getting home, it was time to open a large box that had arrived. Inside was one of my Kickstarters for the game Village Attacks by Grimlord Games.

A quick synopsis is that players are playing the creatures of myth, such as The Werewolf, Banshee etc, attempting to defend their homes from the rampaging villagers set on slaying them once & for all. More about the game & the expansions I got with it can be found here

Though it won't be painted, I hope to get this game out to the games day or a club night in November! 

So that was certainly enough excitement for a weekend!


  1. Nice find! Trains full of zombies the stuff of nightmares!

    1. Are you referencing The Train to Busan? I think that's the name of the zombies on a train movie I saw at the music store.

  2. gsome great finds there, especually the vehicles!

    1. Thanks Zabadak! Always great finding these for a price that doesn't break the bank.

  3. Great weekend for sure Terry! You and I seem cut from the same cloth - lots of model railroad items have been going onto gaming tables over the past few years and I couldn't be happier with them. I have that same airport from Plasticville and you're going to love it :) So your engine and rolling stock, were they listed as HO scale then?

  4. Thanks Ivor, the train stuff I bought is all 'O' guage, more closely related to 28mm than HO which fits in with 1/72 - 1/87. The one building I got will need to be dismantled so I can have removable floors, etc on it.