Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Van Helsing Cosplay

Back in September I attended the Edmonton Expo. This year I sported a new Cosplay of Van Helsing.

I have held off posting any photos here (though some taken during the con were posted on my Facebook) as I was waiting for those that were taken by a Professional Cosplay Photographer to come back.

Well the wait is over & it was worth the wait! I bought the 3 Package Special. Each consisted of an Edited, Enhanced & Composite image.

First up the Edited.

Followed by the Enhanced

And the best for last, the Composites!

So with the successful end to this endeavor, I need to thank those who were instrumental in its fufillment!

MAKing Props for the Crossbow Commission

Tanya for the work on distressing & accenting the outfit & lastly

Hybrids Concept Imagery & particularly Sol for the photo shoots!


  1. Holy smokes Terry, that is absolutely brilliant!!! All the photos are fantastic, but those last three composites, wow!! Great stuff, thanks for sharing 😀

    1. Your welcome Ivor! I am quite impressed with them too!

  2. Magnificent Terry! These are absolutely brilliant, you must be thrilled!