Thursday, November 14, 2019

Frostgrave Campaign - Secrets Uncovered

At the end of the first game, the wizards deciphered the prophecy & realized time was short, thus they would need to split their bands to enter the portals simultaneously to collect the Amulets of Constancy to aid in preventing the return of this greater demon.

We had 5 half bands enter the first portal

Pyke the Apprentice

Spengler the Sigilist

Maximus the Summoner

Kalazyn the Apprentice

Barden the Summoner

The split warbands emerge from the portals into the ruins of a temple complex. In the centre sits a large shrine, treasures can be seen, as well as several minor demons.

In the centre of the shrine is an altar upon which sits one of the Amulets of Constancy.

Any figure attempting to pick up the Amulet must make a will test TN:12, otherwise their action is lost.
The portals the bands enter from remain active until a demon enters through them. Each turn a Summon Demon spell is rolled, starting with TN10. Each turn the TN is reduced by 1. Once a demon enters, the portal closes at the end of the creature phase. A portal can be reactivated, again requiring a TN12 Will test.

50xp   Treasure retrieved & removed from board
25xp   Treasure retrieved but not removed by end of game
75xp   Recovering the Amulet of Constancy
25xp   Reactivating a portal

XP is not applied until after the next scenario as they are occuring at the same time.

So here is the lowdown on what transpired.

In the aftermath this is how the warbands fared.

Kazaryn - 40xp

Spengler - 110xp. Stantz (miss game)

Maximus - 260xp, Ring of Transference (Sold), Amulet of Constancy

Bardon - 65xp, Trapmaster Gloves

Pyke - 150xp. Helm, Eardley both killed.


  1. Nicely poised Terry, another splendid presentation.

    1. Thanks Michael. I would expect that the Comic Life software will be on sale either this Black Friday or Cyber Monday!...just hinting!

  2. Great report and brilliant looking game!

    1. Thanks Simon, certainly goes fast with fewer models! We were done in about 3.5 hours.

  3. Great stuff Terry, your Frostgrave reports are always top notch! Is this more GW terrain?

    1. Thanks Ivor, the centre piece is the one I blogged earlier. The remainder is from older cardstock sets for Malifeaux that are out of print.