Saturday, October 17, 2020

Zomtober - Week 3

 Where does the time go? 3 Weeks into October already & the flurries are now falling, with temps below freezing.


Alas no more priming or matte overspraying for the near future. However continuing on with my scatter terrain again this week.

3 more pieces done, 2 barricades & another objective marker.

First barricade built from sheet metal, & supported by tires.

Next up is a barricade made from pedestrian control barriers, wood & some pylons. I may need to take another look at these as I know I painted the reflective tape silver. Maybe the army painter dip removed it.

Nice that a couple zombies stumbled by to check it out.

Last is the latest objective marker. A suitcase with several books/magazines scattered about.

So while I was visiting Dollarama last week, I stumbled upon these vehicles at $4 each.

Who doesn't need garbage trucks during an Apocalypse? They would certainly make good blocking pieces to control an alley or street.

Then I added another Fire truck.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that these doors actually open? Is this really something you would want a 3 year old to have access too?

Either way, they make great additions to the vehicle collection.

I am currently working on a couple larger terrain pieces which I expect to have completed for next weeks post. So until then, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looking good! Nice find with the vehicles too, I love that the garbage truck comes with a separate bin for extra value!

    1. Thanks, yes, it does come off, with a bit of force, but I think they intended that a 3 year old wouldn't have the strength to pop it out & into their mouth.

  2. I do like seeing barricades, (no seriusly) as there are so many varities around andthese look typical of what might be found in any riot or zed situation, but the star of this show has to be the suitcase - great looking objective.

    Some of therse cheap plastic vehicles ate real gems and have come across quite a few in my searches too - great finds !

    1. Thanks Zabadak. All 3 of the scatter bits are from the Walking Dead Miniatures games from Mantic. I believe you can buy the terrain set which these are all part of.

  3. Yes, the barricades are excellent (though I think the zombies will climb/fall over them, or just go around the ends...).

    I've seen trucks like this before - indeed I have a fair collection myself. From memory, I did look up the original manufacturer of my versions and discovered that they were quite prolific - but almost all the vehicles in this scale are mid-sized trucks. So, no cars, taxis, motorbikes. Still useful, but could have been so much more so...

    1. I agree with you Colgar, those barricades are definately not to stop a horde, but they provide a momentary respite as the mobs clamber over them. I think they would be used in choke points such as alleys, etc. As for the vehicles, I agree, they could be so much more, but then again, we as gamers want all the vehicles we can get that are not just all sports cars. Of course, these are toys for 3 year olds, so they will focus just on eye candy vehicles kids would likely want.