Saturday, October 24, 2020

Zomtober - Week 4

 4 Weeks gone, & how the time for Zomtober flies!

Continuing to break with tradition again this year. I've been focussed more on terrain bits than the survivors & zombies themselves. This week I've finished up a couple of pieces I bought from Ainsty Castings a few years back. They have quite a slew of items available & I prompt you to check out their range!

OK, looking at their site, I am not seeing these specific pieces any longer, perhaps they are out of print. I do have their derelict school bus set aside to also work on for a later project.

Image from the Ainsty Castings site.

So up first we have a Citroen & another older car which could easily be used in several periods.

The second set has more modern '80's vehicles.

Both these would look great under the ruins of an overpass, or perhaps they've been built up as blocking terrain to funnel zombies into a killzone. The choice is yours survivor!

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  1. Very useful scatter terrain and look really derelict too.

    1. Thanks Zabadak, I agree, they can easily be used in a WW2 game (sans graffiti)