Monday, October 12, 2020

Zomtober - Week 2

 This is our Thanksgiving Weekend, where we indulge in turkey & stuffing. However as we wade through 2020 & all the trials its been throwing at us, we still have time to enjoy our friends & loved ones, albiet virtually.

 So between phone calls, food prep, etc. I've almost completed my 2nd weeks Zomtober offering. All that remains is a dullcoat spray, however with frost on the ground this morning, that will need to wait until we get warmer temps.

 So here we have the Cardboard Tube Samurai.


And his Zombivore variant.


Yellow is such a tough colour, its often washed out & needs mulitple coats to cover effectively. However when it does finally work, it really pops.


Thus completes my survivor for this years Zomtober. I am still working on the various objective markers & have a couple of larger terrain pieces that will benefit from using my new airbrush on. I just need to make the space & do come youtubing on Air brushing. 

So with that, I wish all my Canadian friends & followers Happy Thanksgiving! Everyone else, have a wonderful day & stay safe.


  1. Really nice work on both variations of this martial artist Terry, and well done getting the yellow to work - I seem to have the same problem with yellows AND reds!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you from here in the UK :-)

  2. He looks great! Also, happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I've used various browns for shadows & undercoat when painting yellow before, with a modicum of success. As long as you avoid the obviously reddish-browns and stick the the ochres; some of them cover quite well. Yellow is probably my least favourite colour to paint, mind.

    Also, happy Thanksgiving. Is that a thing in Canada? I suppose it must be, else you wouldn't have mentioned it. Ah, well - I live to learn...

    1. Thanks for your tips Colgar. I tend to prime all my miniatures in white, just to assist with colours such as yellow. I was going to use some GW contrast paint, but just stuck with the Army Painter Strong. I find it gives the models a very grundge feel, which is what one would expect in an apocalypse. As for Thanksgiving, definately a thing here! We love our turkey! Ours is ealier as harvest is earlier. Most of the farm fields near where I live are now harvested. We are going to be seeing snow flurries this week.

  4. Yellow has been the bane of figure painters ever since we stopped using enamels imho.
    No doubt this figure was a lot of effort, but well worth it, both figures looks the part and as you say the yellow does make them 'pop'.
    I often think that Zombicide missed a trick by not haing linked campaign-style scenarios.

    1. Thanks Zabadak, I believe they are doing a campaign in Zombicide 2. I recall there being a book for that. However, even with the original games scenarios, they do loosly make for a campaign, the caveat being that players would always start back with the bare minimums. To do a true campaign, players should get to keep their items they find, however tweaks will need to be made, thus preventing the players from having to search once they have the good stuff. Also the original Zombicide suffered from needing some tweaks to the rules to make it more like Black Plague, where players wouldn't automatically hit another player, but would on misses. This makes it still risky to shoot in a zone with other players, but less so.